5 Simple Things To Do To Make Your Relationship More Passionate

make your relationship more passionate

Every one realizes this at some point in their relationship: “It doesn’t feel like what it was in the early dating stage“. What does this mean? Well, at the beginning of the relationship, we are so attracted to each other. We always think of the other person and every minute without them is like an hour. We just can’t wait to see that person again.

This is called the “high” of the relationship and it usually lasts about two years in average. Then we start losing the attraction and passion, even though we still love each other. So keep the spark alive, here are some tips that you can use today to make sure your relationship is full of passion and love.

#1. Give Daily Compliment

Never let a day go by without giving the other person at least one compliment. It’s not that hard to think of what to say. You just need to pay a little more attention.

For men, you can give your lady compliments about her hair style, her smile, the food she cooks, the way she prepares the bed or just how thoughtful she is to the family.

For women, you can give your man compliments on how hard he works and how confident and manly he looks in that suit, or how responsible he is when he takes the rubbish out every day.

How easy is this? There are so many things that you can look at and say thanks or something nice about it. It doesn’t have to be something huge and extraordinary, as though it might help, but it can be the simple things that both of you appreciate from each other. Whatever that thing might be, the habit of giving the compliment is much more important, because it shows that you pay attention to the good side of your loved one and appreciate them for being themselves.

#2. Share Your Day With Him/Her

Share your day with the other person, talk about what happens in that day, how you think and feel about it. Ask the other person about their day. Relationship takes us to the rawest place of ourselves, it’s the opportunity for us to grow as a human being. Tony Robbins also talked about this in his I Am Not Your Guru documentary, which is about Date With Destiny event. He said relationship magnifies human emotions.

#3. Date Night At Least Twice a Month

date nightDate night is also very essential. If you can, make it once a week. Most people think they don’t need to date the other person once they get married. How wrong is this? Dating is one of the things that makes your relationship exciting, and it needs to be maintained whether you are in a relationship for a month or decades. Never stop dating the other person. The moment you start taking the other person for granted is when your relationship starts to break down.

#4. Say “I Love You” Every Day

There are many ways to express love but saying it is the easiest way to inform him or her that you always love them. This is a great habit to have. Every morning when you go to work, say “I love you” before you leave the house.

#5. Go To A Different Place Together

make your relationship more passionate

Every two or three months, go to a different place that you both have never been before together. It doesn’t have to be too far. It can be the town or city near your house. If both of you have more time, you can go hiking and camping together. The point here is to create a unique experience every time so that both of you can learn more about the other person and create a stronger bond in your relationship.

I hope these tips help your relationship. You can follow me on Twitter for more tweets about relationship.

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The Polarity That Makes Relationships Work

relationship advice

What makes a relationship work? According to Tony Robbins, it’s polarity. The things in difference will make your relationship exciting and passionate. The difference here refers to energy (masculine vs. feminine), not values or beliefs. When the different is in values, conflicts will occur. But when the difference is in energy, attraction will happen.

relationship advice

So how do you apply this concept to your relationship? I’ll talk about this more in my next article.

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